Attention All Bible Readers And Teachers!


5 Part Training Series

Deepen your Bible reading, your Bible study, or even your teachings, by applying Greek and Hebrew in a practical way (no previous knowledge of these languages required). Just put in your name and email address, then click the “Yes” button, and you’ll get to join in!

5 Part Training Series

5 Part Training Series

What You Will Learn In This Series

VIDEO 1: Bible Basics

How and why the Bible was written in Greek and Hebrew.

VIDEO 2: Picture Prompts

What it means to “see” what the Bible is saying.

VIDEO 3: Devotional Definitions

Why word studies are important and which to use.

VIDEO 4: Priority Pointers

How to see and interpret emphasized words.

VIDEO 5: Bringing It All Together

The kinds of questions you need to start asking when you read.

No Previous Knowledge Of Greek Or Hebrew Required.

Video 1

How The Bible Was Written

Video 2

See What The Bible Is Saying

Video 3

Understand Bible Words Practically

Video 4

Know The Focus Of A Verse

Video 5

Bringing It All Together