See How The Discovery Bible Has Impacted People
From Readers And Teachers Who Use The Discovery Bible
From Readers And Teachers Who Use The Discovery Bible
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Xerxes Duane
Bible Student – Philippines
Tom & Vicky Mahairas
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Barney Lau
Pastor – Singapore
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James Adika
Pastor – Kenya
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Anthony Trinidad
Bible Teacher – Philippines

Cherry Bagayna (Philippines) – Bible reader, campus missionary.

Praise be to the Father of lights that He graciously provided The Discovery Bible in my earnest pursuit to know the Holy Scriptures. It is the bible that speaks Greek and Hebrew in plain English. I have been to many seminars and attended several Bible workshops that were very helpful, yet I haven’t learned so much from His Word than through The Discovery Bible. It carefully unpacks the very Word of God for current readers of this time to grasp it as it was originally inscribed thousands of years ago. The ancient Greek and Hebrew proper word expanded meanings are well discussed in the Bible’s word-study section. The examples of the term’s usage and grammatical forms are carefully discussed as well.

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Neal Letteney (USA) – Pastor, Bible Teacher.

How has The Discovery Bible impacted me?

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Can’t I take classes to learn Greek and Hebrew?

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Why shouldn’t I simply study the Bible in English?

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Why not just use other tools, especially the free ones?

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How often do I use The Discovery Bible and why?

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How important is accuracy in Bible teaching? 

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Understand Important Definitions
Know Emphasized Words
Picture What The Author Wrote
See What Is Lost In Translation
Deepen Your Reading Experience

The Discovery Bible Software Gives You The Tools You Need To Read, Know, And Understand God’s Word!

Sherri Bledsoe – Teacher for Living His Word Ministries, Inc. – September 16, 2019

“I found that to truly understand the bible I had to understand the meaning of the language. Not knowing Greek or Hebrew, HELPS word-studies gives the original meaning with corresponding scripture and practical application. They do this on one page, which is great! This began when I was reading the bible I found that much of it did not make sense. As in, I used the definitions I had for the English words I was reading. The Holy Spirit was revealing the basics while at the same time putting a longing in me to go deeper. I didn’t know how to do that so I started by looking up words in the dictionary to find their origin. What I found was they derived from a different language and sometimes the original definition did not come close to the modern day definition. As that began to shine some light I realized I needed to know the original word, the original meaning in that language and the original application. I began with a Hebrew and Greek Lexicon. I would look up each word in the scripture I was reading. With The Discovery Bible this has allowed me to utilize my time wisely and it is a proficient place to obtain a deeper knowledge of His Word.”

Christine Cabesas (Philippines) – Bible reader.

And because of her ministering and teaching about The Discovery Bible, I was amazed and enlightened in studying the Word of God. When I started using it in my daily devotion, I was even more astonished, enthralled, and overjoyed because I understood more clearly what each word in Scripture properly means in the original sense!  I saw the importance of knowing the original text (Hebrew and Greek) because I saw how exact those languages are and how it correctly interprets the Word.

Kevin Holly (USA) – Bible Reader.

If you are tired of switching back and forth between “bits and pieces” of Biblical helps on your computer, like I have, you must check out the Discovery Bible software. They have made the study of God’s word easy by placing all the necessary helps on one page! With one click of your mouse you have access to the necessary tools that will aid you in your “foundational” study of the Hebrew and Greek meaning (and more!) of God’s Word.

Lida Gous

The use of the Discovery Bible has opened up my understanding of God’s Word more than I could ever explain in words. As I understand the truth of God’s words spoken to His beloved children better, my love for my heavenly Father has grown and my relationship with Him became more and more sweet, intimate and treasured.
All the tools of the Discovery Bible have been such a tremendous help while preparing to teach a study and also in my personal devotional time. I just returned from a 5-weeks training trip in Africa and to have it available on my phone was a huge blessing and invaluable help in places where there was no internet.   
The Discovery Bible really opened up a totally new world for me and I praise the Lord for it. 

Rev. Brian J. Sinclair – Pastor, Living Springs Church.

Ever since I was given a hard copy of the Discovery Bible New Testament years ago, I have been drawn to the simplicity and structure for augmenting my study of the Scriptures as I delved into the Biblical languages.  As a pastor for 30 years, I use the Discovery Bible software on my iPad and laptop to facilitate a depth, richness and clarity of insight in preparation with a view to the original for both my messages and Bible studies.

It is not a cumbersome program and is a tremendous bonus to me.  I readily commend The Discovery Bible program to you, whether a pastor, seminary student or one desiring to know better the marvel of biblical languages.

Tim Adams

I’ve been using The Discovery Bible since the paper days but the app takes it to a whole new level! Indispensable for sermon prep as well as for personal study. No greater resource available for someone to be able to dig in and gain greater understanding of God’s Word!

Bill Abel

“I cannot go a day without The Discovery Bible. It is with me all day every day and is my first-response to Scripture. No other source gives me the comprehension of the biblical authors original meaning as fast and understandably as The Discovery Bible. I love it!”

Allen Williams, Lead Pastor from America

“What can I say about Discovery Bible Software other than I absolutely love it! It has made my study time so much more enjoyable. I have used other Bible software in the past but none of them compare to Discovery Bible. It is easy to use and the information is priceless. I do a lot of Hebrew and Greek word study and I use them in just about every sermon I preach. I am excited about Discovery Bible and I am telling my friends that they need to get Discovery Bible themselves. I love Discovery Bible!”

David Welch – The First Discovery Bible Software User

My introduction to the Discovery Bible came years ago with the hard back print edition.  Even though I had studied the original  languages in Bible School and Seminary it was not enough to be proficient.  When I acquired the print version, all of a sudden the nuances of the Greek were at my fingertips.  I used it in all my teaching an preaching so I had the ability to provide the nuances and grammatical emphasis every time I read a text. Determining that through study could be done but slowed me done.  Now it was immediately available.  Then Gary and Joan released the software version complete with innumerable more tools and information at the click of the mouse. The word study tools are extensive and enlightening.  The addition of tools for the Old Testament became a game changer for me since I never did get a good grasp on Hebrew. It is a tool I use regularly in my studies and highly recommend it for yours.

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